Protons Course: Links

Songs: So many people ask about the songs that I have made a page just to explain the situation.

Week 1: Electricity

The Scale and Size of the Universe

Electrical Machines

The Elements

Week 2: Light


Shockwave & Java Applets

Week 4: Global Warming


Climate Models

  • EdGCM (Educational Global Circulation Model: Written by NASA scientists and pretty impressive. Runs on Mac or PCs)
  • Climate Prediction (Lots of information plus the chance to run a climate model on your PC as a screensaver)
  • The Hadley Centre (Met Office Centre for Climate Modelling: World leader in its field)
  • BBC News Story (Story about a new climate model)

Ice and Glaciers


Week 5: Mobile Phone Safety

Reports and official websites

Other links and news stories

The Independent

The Independent seems to have a fixation on the health issues surrounding with mobile phone use. This means it publishes some sensible stories of the subject, and some of the most laughable nonsense that has ever graced the pages of a newspaper.

Week 6: Does the UK need nuclear power?

General Links

Nuclear Links

Fossil Fuel and Alternatives


One Response to “Protons Course: Links”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Tonight I was at the lecture on mobile phone safety and I have just thought of a question…
    With all the phone signals jiggling around us, is there some sort of cumulative effect which might have a detrimental health impact upon us or the environment? Perhaps the heat from all the jiggling atoms might be contributing to global warming? (or am I getting my wires crossed?)
    I would be grateful if you answered me via the booklet at next weeks session as I may never find this website again!
    Thanks, I’m really enjoying the course.

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