Protons Course: PowerPoints

The PowerPoint files used in Protons for Breakfast can be downloaded using the links below.

Please note that:

  • All media files have been removed for copyright reasons.
  • These PowerPoint files are large – typically 10 Mb – and so may take a little while to download.
  • Details of the songs used can be found here.

3 Responses to “Protons Course: PowerPoints”

  1. Tony Goodall - Sidra Says:

    Sorry to learn you have Covid. Will you be negative by tomorrow evening (21-9-22)?


    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      Tony, How lovely to hear from you – albeit remotely.

      Despite feeling much better, I have still tested positive today and I would guess I will be positive for several days more.

      I remember you did mention potentially joining your ‘house meeting’ at the Abercorn – but I would feel unhappy to do that while I was positive and when there might be vulnerable people around. I am sure you will understand.

      Meanwhile: stay healthy and I look forward to joining you outside Sidra as soon as I can!


      • Tony Goodall Says:

        Sorry to hear you are still struck with Covid but I fully understand. Look forward to seeing you again when you are fit & well.

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