My House

A Sketchup ‘sketch’ of my house.

I am on a mission to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from my house, ideally to zero.

This page contains links – see below – to all the articles I have written on this project over the last few years.


  • I began by taking weekly measurements of:
    • gas and electricity consumption.
    • outside temperature.
  • This allowed me to assess how my house ‘performed’ i.e. how much heating I needed to provide to heat the house a certain number of degrees above the outside temperature.
  • In Autumn 2019 I added some triple-glazing.
    • In the winter of 2019/20 I could see 10% improvement in the performance of the house.
  • In Autumn 2020 I finished the triple-glazing and added external wall insulation.
    • In the winter of 2020/21 the house only required half the energy it had in 2019.
  • In November 2020 I added solar panels and in March 2021 I added a domestic battery
    • Since March 2021 we have been mostly ‘off-grid’.
    • In the winter of 2021/22 we expect to buy electricity at night and use it during the day.
  • In July 2021 I removed the gas boiler and added a heat pump.

I’ll be updating this intermittently, but this household project is (I hope!) almost complete.

Articles on about the House on Protons for Breakfast




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