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Happy Christmas 2016

December 24, 2016


First of all, thank you for having taken the trouble to stop by.

I had been going to write my reflections on the year – but I am too tired, and too likely to say negative things. So I will put that off for now.

And looking back at my blog, I realise that I do feel better than I felt in 2013.

All the things I wrote back then are still true, and some even more so.

But my campaign to manage my own anxiety has partially alleviated their personal impact. So there are positives from the year!

But horrifically I also realise that I am struggling to complete exactly the same ‘3 month’ project that I was desperate to complete by last Christmas! Aargh

Hey Ho! “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!” Anyway, please allow me to wish you a…

…Happy Christmas, and a splendid 2017.



Happy Christmas 2013

December 20, 2013
Christmasium: 100% pure Christmas: Caution: this element may induce festivactivity with a half-life of 6 days.

Christmasium: 100% pure Christmas.

It’s a little bit early to shut up shop for Christmas, but frankly I have had enough of 2013.

There have been successes, but since 2000, when I escaped the bullying environment of UCL Physics Department, I have never been unhappier at work. I have also never been busier: I can’t recall a single weekend in which I have not been working, preparing for some looming deadline or scrambling to finish stuff which was already late.

So my aim over the break is to stop and try and catch my breath and think how I want to deal with 2014.

However one aspect of my life which I intend to keep up with in 2014 is this blog. I really enjoy the process of trying to distil my thoughts into a few hundred words once or twice a week.

And the thought that you, dear reader, take the time to read these words and occasionally share your comments, makes it seem like the enterprise is not entirely solitary.

So: thank you: I wish you a Happy Christmas and every best wish for 2014.


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