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Gas and Gaslighting

January 1, 2023

Click on image for a larger version. BBC News stories detailing gas explosions this autumn: See end of article for links.

Friends, welcome to 2023.

I would have liked to start the year talking about something positive, but I can’t!

Over the Christmas break it struck me just how astonishing it is that we still allow homes to be heated by burning methane gas.

And we even build new homes incorporating this deadly and disgusting technology.

In case you didn’t know:

  • Over 100 people a year in the UK die from carbon monoxide poisoning, mainly arising from poorly-maintained gas-burning equipment.

Click on image for a larger version. Graph showing data from the Office for National Statistics on the number of people killed each year from carbon monoxide poisoning (link).

  • Even when gas-apparatus functions correctly, gas cookers emit toxic fumes into the homes of people who cook with gas. It is likely the highest exposure to mixed oxides of nitrogen (NOX) that you will experience anywhere in the UK is not by a roadside, but in a kitchen.

Click on image for a larger version. While cooking with gas in this US household, NO2 levels rose to almost 300 ppb. This figure is modified from the linked article.

  • And on top of it all, every year gas causes more than 300 explosions in the UK, killing or maiming around 100 people each year.

Click on image for a larger version. There are over 300 fires involving gas and an explosion every year. About 100 of these incidents result in a casualty or a fatality (Data Source).

  • And on top it all again, burning it emits tonnes of carbon dioxide, a gas which is destabilising the climate on which we depend.

So how is it that we tolerate such a technology? Why are we not outraged?


Friends, we are being ‘gaslighted‘ by the Gas Industry.

Gaslighting – as Wikipedia puts it – is a term that:

…”may also be used to describe a person (a “gaslighter”) who presents a false narrative to another group or person, thereby leading them to doubt their perceptions and become misled, disoriented or distressed. Often this is for the gaslighter’s own benefit.

The gas industry – and the media it influences – suggest that the deaths and appalling climate impacts of burning gas are in some way ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’.

Because we are familiar with gas, they propagate a false narrative that ‘burning gas’ is somehow ‘safe’, ‘natural’, ‘warming’ and ‘friendly’.

To understand how shocking and deceitful this really is, try the following exercises:

  • Imagine that Wind Turbines killed more than 100 people a year.
  • Imagine that Heat Pumps killed more than 100 people a year.
  • Imagine that Solar Panels killed more than 100 people a year.

Do you think there would be media outrage? Of course there would! But with gas – these consequences are literally just ignored.

The Reality

The reality is this: gas is a filthy polluting technology and burning gas damages our climate, our health, and kills over 100 people a year in the UK alone, as well causing 300 explosive fires per year.

I urge you not to be misled into thinking that gas is anything other than a toxic mistake. If you can, I urge to eliminate gas appliances from your life.

BBC News Story Links


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