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A History of Bushy House

April 30, 2023

Friends, the other day I was fortunate enough to have dinner in the local landmark of Bushy House.

A view of Bushy House taken from Bushy Park this February.

At dinner, many people asked me – as a local – questions about the building which I was completely unable answer.

Wikipedia has a few words, but the best source by far is a history compiled by Peter Foster and Edward Pyatt for NPL in 1976. And by chance I came across a copy of this document while sorting through the library of my late father-in-law. And since I couldn’t see a copy on-line, I thought I would post a pdf of the document here. I do hope it is useful to some local Teddington historians.

You can download a low-resolution (2.9 Mb) copy from this link. If for some reason you feel the need for more resolution, please contact me and we can collectively figure out how to share the original 80 Mb scan.

Cover of the History of Bushy House




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