Our Climate Crisis: Bringing it all back home

Friends, I have just returned from a holiday on the South Coast in the ancient town of Winchelsea.

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It was a lovely break, but it was not all crazy golf and castles. I also took a day off to come back to London to give a talk to some 6th formers about climate change.

I thought that possibly some other people might be interested in the presentation and so the other day I sat down in front of my television and talked my way through the slides.

The school presentation was 45 minutes long, but given the liberty of time, the video version is  slightly longer.

In the first half of the talk – video 1 (23 minutes long) – I look at the nature of our climate crisis and the urgency of the need for action. I thought the presentation of the effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was quite novel – unusual when covering something I have talked about so many times. But writing the slides I was shocked again at just how bleak our situation is.

In the second half of the talk – video 2 (35 minutes long) – I explain how the way in which we use energy in our homes gives rise to carbon dioxide emissions – typically more than 3 tonnes per household. I then point out that thankfully we have the technology to reduce emissions dramatically without any loss in quality of life. And I conclude by pointing out that throughout their lives there will be many career opportunities for these teenagers to take part in the grand challenge of limiting the damage from Climate Change.

Powerpoint File

Powerpoint File  (50 Mb!)

Video 1

Video 2



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