Heat Pump Explainer

Friends, Everyone is talking about heat pumps!

But many people are still unfamiliar with the principles behind their ‘engineering magic’.

This ‘explainer’ video was shot on location in my kitchen and back garden, and uses actual experiments together with state-of-the-art Powerpoint animations (available here) to sort-of explain how they work.

I hope it helps!


6 Responses to “Heat Pump Explainer”

  1. mesnilman Says:

    That was brilliant, Michael!

    I actually understood everything there!

    Many, many thanks and best wishes


  2. Geoff M Says:

    I remember learning about heat pumps may years ago in your first year thermal physics lessons!

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      Oh Wow! What a long time ago that was. And funny how heat pumps have never been more relevant or important!

  3. My Home Farm Says:

    Good explanation. We’ll done. If any of your visitors want to see what’s entailed installing a heat pump they may find our installation experience fitting an air source heat pump and new water tank in our Victorian farmhouse useful and interesting: https://myhomefarm.co.uk/our-experience-installing-an-air-source-heat-pump

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      Thank you. That’s a really helpful video. I am sure many people will be interested in your experience. I hope things continue to go well.

      Best wishes


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