Cheap Electric Cars Are Coming!

Friends, back in March 2021 I wrote about the Wuling HongGuang – the most popular electric car in China – a car with a base model starting at $4,200.

Looking through the Fully-Charged channel’s coverage of last year’s Cheng Du motor show, many similar models are being manufactured in China – models which fill in all the gaps between the ultra-cheap and the normal price of an EV in the UK  – close to £30,000.

I’ve posted the video above, but I have also compiled a table of the cars showing a basic cost, battery size, and range.

Click for a larger version: Table showing basic statistics of cars discussed in the video above. All the numbers are uncertain and subject to change, but range of numbers is sufficient to show that EV’s can be made much cheaper than models currently on offer in the UK. Most prices are rounded up.

Summary: the future

From a Chinese perspective, I guess the UK looks like a small island in the Far West. But eventually their manufacturing capability will turn to exporting some of these models to us.

As I wrote previously, the mere existence of these models confirms that EV’s are actually simpler and cheaper to manufacture than ICE vehicles. And many of these models will be well-suited to retired people living in Teddington. And within their restricted budgets.

Of course, just replacing the overwhelming number of ICE vehicles with an equivalently overwhelming number of EV’s does not solve the UK’s problems with carbon emissions.

But the possibility that in a few years normal people will be able to buy EV’s with a range of properties and prices to match their needs does make clear that a realistic pathway is emerging for finally transitioning away from fossil-fueled vehicles.

And once that transition begins it will be hard to stop.

EV’s are cheaper to run and petrol stations run on low margins. As the amount of fuel purchased declines, petrol stations will go out of business, and in an ironic twist, ICE vehicle drivers will find themselves with “range anxiety”. They will have to carefully plan their journeys so as to be sure of finding an old-fashioned ‘filling station’.

Change is coming!

4 Responses to “Cheap Electric Cars Are Coming!”

  1. Sustain | Says:

    Electric cars is a sustainable choice but public transport, cycling and walking are even better. Thank you 😊🌍

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      Indeed. This afternoon I tripped over my bicycle trying to get to the heat pump!

      And NOT buying a nominally ‘green’ product can be even ‘greener’ than buying it!

      But for the foreseeable future, many people will need some kind of personal transportation – and the faster we stop burning fossil fuels and shut down the industry that produces them – the better.

      Best wishes


  2. Cheap Electric Cars Are Coming! – Harrogate Electric Vehicle News Says:

    […] Cheap Electric Cars Are Coming! […]

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