Sometimes things take unfathomably longer than one imagines possible.

Friends, in roughly 1999 the drawer in which we keep our kitchen implements – ladles, wooden spoons and similar – developed a fault.

The ball race that enables the draw to slide in-and-out with ease developed a fault. The steel balls spilled out making it hard to push the drawer in and out. It grated every time we used the drawer.

I did look for replacement fittings in DIY shops but I could not find any to match the drawers we had.

And so the drawer irritated every member of our household several times each day for – roughly speaking – the last 22 years

Meanwhile, the children grew into young men, and I aged and retired.

Today, as my wife and I discussed kitchen refurbishments that might be required after we remove our gas boiler, my wife remembered that, 24 years previously in 1996, the previous owners had left us a duplicate drawer mechanism.

It then took 20 minutes to replace the mechanism, and now the drawer glides in and out exactly like it should.

Sometimes, things take unfathomably longer than one imagines possible.

5 Responses to “Sometimes things take unfathomably longer than one imagines possible.”

  1. Ross Mason Says:

    Just for the occasion …….and a few extras



    And if you want a job……

  2. Edmond Hui Says:

    We have a kitchen drawer, a cheaper one, with a similar problem. It’s not the technical triumph of a ball race, it’s a simple plastic wheel on both sides. Somehow, the wheel on one side has developed a flat spot. Whatever the previous owner left is long gone and irrelevant as I installed the kitchen myself some years ago. Our solution has been to swap the sticky drawer, the cutlery drawer (which is the most commonly used drawer), with the identical cooking implement drawer which had round wheels. Now the cooking implement drawer sticks, so we have reduced the impact of our problem from the most used and annoying drawer to just the problem you started with.

  3. Ross Mason Says:

    I’ve been thinking of something that has troubled me…
    How come it took 26 years to remember the item given to the Podestas. At any time in that 26 years something has been hidden away with your wonderful and she too has put up with this drawer.
    It was a quiet thought Michael.

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