Sometimes I find it hard to like EDF

Click for larger version. EDF wrote to me today to say they are increasing the price of ‘night rate’ electricity by 73.7%.

Energy is a wonderful thing. But sometimes it can be hard to like the companies which sell it to us…

…especially when they increase the price of their product by 73% overnight!

As regular readers will know, since 2018 I have been working hard to reduce my household energy consumption and the concomitant carbon dioxide emissions.

My 3-step plan has been:

  1. Reduce household heating requirement with insulation and triple-glazing.
  2. Switch from gas heating to electrical heating with a heat pump.
  3. Use solar panels and a battery to generate low-emission electricity and reduce the cost of switching to electrical heating.

Part#1 is complete: winter is not yet at an end, but heating demand appears to about 50% lower.

Part#2 is underway and I hope to have a heat pump installed this summer. But electrical heating is more expensive than gas heating.

Part#3 is underway: the solar panels are performing well and a battery should be installed this Thursday. The battery should allow me to use mainly my own solar electricity, or EDF off-peak electricity for most of the year.

I carried out extensive modelling of the effect of varying patterns of electricity consumption and compared different ‘tariffs’.

I had based my costings on the fact that the night rate for electricity would be about 5p/kWh and day rate would be about 25p/kWh. Of course I knew these costs could vary over time.

Nonetheless, it would be an underestimate to say that I was ‘disappointed’ when EDF wrote to me this morning to say that price of night time electricity was to rise from 4.99 p/kWh to 8.67 p/kWh…

…a 73% rise!

Like I said, sometimes it can be hard to like the companies which sell us energy.


I am thinking about it.

But switching is, in my opinion, a distraction. It is a way of distracting us ‘fish’ from the fact that we are in a ‘barrel’ and at the mercy of the confusopolists.


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4 Responses to “Sometimes I find it hard to like EDF”

  1. Edmond Hui Says:

    We are fish in an aquarium. We can choose to hide behind a rock if we want to. When I switched from EDF, I saved hundreds. You could do that and spend it on further greening of your house if you don’t want to splash out on something less appropriate. Really the switching seems to be to the most efficient customer database management company, but that in itself is a useful thing.

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:


      I have thought about switching many times but have been anticipating the switch to SOLAR PANELS + BATTERY for years. And EDF’s night time rate was the lowest available. So I just put up with the poor daytime rate, biding my time until I could disappear off-grid for months at a time, just occasionally sipping some super cheap off-peak electricity to top up my battery. SO I was especially peeved that they have rained on my parade – after waiting years they changed the rate just as the battery was about to be installed! So I stuck with EDF. But now is indeed possibly the time to switch.


  2. abc Says:


    If you switch, I strongly suggest Bulb. I am pretty sure you will like it, since it sells energy mostly from renewables (according to what they say!). When I was in Kingston, I made a contract with them, since they were the most convenient (from a quick comparison!), in my humble opinion!
    At that time they were offering only variable-rate contract and you are not bound to them, so that you can easily leave at any time without incurring in additional costs, in case you do not like them any more.

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      Thank you: Bulb do look straightforward – but as I explained to Ed in the other comment – I had strategic reasons for staying with EDF. But I think the time to switch may be near.


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