Keep Calm and Carry On


Here is a piece of complete nonsense for you to contemplate during your self-isolation.

Best wishes


Keep Calm and Carry On
Apparently, it’s how the war was won.
Well, I will agree to…,
… carry on with you
If you’ll agree to carry on with me

We all know the plain facts of the case.
Corona virus wants one per-cent of our race.
But we’ve collectively refused,
To be virally abused.
So, wash your hands and just carry on!

It’s all been so quick, it’s quite beyond belief.
And there’s little prospect of immediate relief.
But there’ll be toilet roll for all.
By the summer or the fall.
If you keep your distance and just carry on!


After a month or two of isolation
We’ll be ready for Vcv celebrations
Some will have died to get us free
And we’ll drink to their memory
But now keep to yourselves and just carry on!

In the end we all see who the key workers are.
In factories and fields, and hospitals and bars.
They make life worth living for
Perhaps we’ll pay them more!
If we keep to ourselves and just carry on!


Keep Calm and Carry on... with me

Keep Calm and Carry on… with me

4 Responses to “Keep Calm and Carry On”

  1. Chris Says:

    Nice one.

  2. abc Says:

    The lyrics in the post are not the same as those in the song.
    Apart from that, nice tune!

  3. UK Corona Virus Deaths in Context | Protons for Breakfast Blog Says:

    […] Until then, I urge you to Keep Calm and Carry On. […]

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