Why no blog?

In case anyone cared or noticed

Sorry I haven’t been touch lately. I have been having a miserable time at work and found it hard to settle to other tasks requiring concentration. Like writing coherently.

I had hoped to work on for another year or two, but in the end, I just couldn’t bear the thought of it and I will now be leaving NPL at the end of April. With just 15 working days left I can feel my spirits rising.

And then hopefully my enthusiasm for writing will return.




12 Responses to “Why no blog?”

  1. Rameshwar Singh Jamwal Says:

    I enjoyed your blogs. Hope you feel better soon. All good wishes.

  2. jennifer smith Says:

    Dear Michael

    Many of us care and we have certainly missed your emails Many of us can empathise too. So many jobs that we used to enjoy are being made very miserable and I do not really understand why that has to be.

    Well done for making the break and all the best for your brave new future.

    With kindest regards



  3. zl3ga Says:

    Hi Michael, I enjoyed meeting you at World Metrology Day last year in NZ – all the very best for your retirement and i look forward to many more insightful blogs.
    Take care and kind regards,

  4. crystaltwinconsulting Says:

    You surely will. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. I left my job last May and haven’t looked back. Exciting times ahead for you. Look forward to your next blog. Teresa xxx

  5. Alex Knight Says:

    Very sorry to hear that. If it is any consolation, I was made redundant from NPL 3+ years ago. I can’t claim that everything since has been easy, but I can tell you that I have never once missed it!

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      Thank you Alex. Being made redundant would have been the dream scenario – being paid to leave! But I am happy just to be leaving.

  6. Simon Duane Says:

    This is the most peculiar of times, even without making such a big change. I hope your spirits continue to lift. All the best!

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      Simon. Thanks for your kind thoughts. These are indeed the most peculiar times – and I hope you and yours manage to figure out a way to cope. All the best, Michael

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