My Weight: Good News or Bad News?

I spent most of 2017 feeling bad about my weight.

But as I review the data now I realise I can say positive things about my weight which – if I could believe my own words – would leaving me feeling good about my weight.

Alternatively, I could say negative things which would leave me feeling bad about my weight.

In either case the data would be the same. So which view should I take?

The data

The graph below shows my weight determined first thing in the morning for almost every day throughout the last two years.

Weight 2016-2017

2016 was a good year. I lost about 14 kg and felt enormously better. And in 2017 I initially managed to lose another couple of kilos,

Weight 2017

But then, as work became a nightmare, my weight drifted back up at just 10 g per day – a weight gain equivalent to a biscuit or a glass of wine per day.

By the end of the year I managed to catch my breath enough to slowly lose some weight. And that is pretty much where I am at now.

Postive or Negative?

So how should I feel about this data? What story should I tell myself?

Should I say:

“Well done! You managed to keep control of your weight through a difficult year. And your weight is only 1 kg more than it was at the start of 2017. And still 13 kg lower than it was at the start of 2016”?

Or should I say:

“What a mess! You put on 3 kg through the year!

In either case, the data are the same. So actually I think I will just keep the graphs and refrain from telling myself any story at all. Indeed, the real storyline won’t become clear until I find out what happens next.

I will keep you informed.


3 Responses to “My Weight: Good News or Bad News?”

  1. Fiona Auty Says:

    Did you gain weight or muscle?

    I spend three weeks off doing manual labour – and I have gained muscle, weight and in some cases size. But I feel better – so I am no bothered what the scales say now! This was part of my getting away from NPL and doing something totally different – I loved it but sadly it would not pay the bills! So I am back.

    I have just also got back to running after several years absence due to ongoing injuries. Starting very slowly in the gym – it feels great.


  2. protonsforbreakfast Says:

    Three weeks doing manual labour?

  3. Ross Mason Says:

    You need a trip Michael. Sabbatical down here and a walk in our hills, mountains and on our beaches. Good for the sole…..soul. I’m sure we could find you a desk in our wonderful shared Open Plan Offices. Note I used capitals there. OUR Masters too think that these profits of doom are just the Bees Knees and needed capitalising on.

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