Star of India


Sam Gibbs is a star of India

So having left the UK on Sunday night, I arrived in India on Monday morning. Everything went straightforwardly and I kept my anxiety in check :-).

Then, having been over-charged for a taxi ride, I made it to my hotel, closed the door and I spent most of Monday writing slides for my presentation tomorrow morning.

The talk includes our new data on the most accurate temperature measurements in human history [more of which in a later story].  So I ought to feel confident. But I am unsure of this audience, and I still feel a bit bleary, so I am not entirely happy that I have the tone and level correct. But in any case it’s done now.

However, on setting up e-mail communication I was shocked to receive an e-mail from Sam Gibbs – someone I have never met – but with whom I have had lengthy e-mail interactions about a cool water rocket system he developed in Malaysia. I did not know he had been in Delhi for the last two years.

But having read my previous blog, he e-mailed offering ‘assistance and company’. I was overwhelmed at the kindness of his offer.

So, I learned to use the Metro system (excellent and cheap: £3 for a 3 day pass)…


…and headed ‘down town’. In the park  I saw some traditional and modern dance…


…then met up with Sam for a curry at a very pleasant ‘cafe’ with a rooftop terrace  overlooking the ‘central’ park.

Over dinner I heard about Sam’s work bringing cool science to schools all around India, and his hope that the insights of science would somehow improve the lot of individuals and communities. And I remembered what I said in my blog before I left England.

I am travelling in the hope of meeting new friends, learning about metrology research in India  and seeing the world from further East than I have ever travelled before.

Well, I was – and am – travelling in hope, but I didn’t think I would meet anyone as kind and friendly as Sam: a true star of India.

Let’s hope the ‘metrology research’ goes just as well.






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  1. iamamro Says:

    Wonderful, sir.

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