Anxiety Update

A picture of me taken this summer.

A picture of me taken this summer.

At the start of this year I resolved not to become gut-wrenchingly anxious.

Since then, many friends and colleagues, on- and off-line, have exchanged words of empathy and support, compassion and positivity. Thank you 🙂

And so I just thought I would note that despite being behind in everything I am doing, I have actually been doing OK on the anxiety front.

But later today I fly to India for a week and I have to admit my anxiety is rising again.

Even at the best of times I am not a relaxed traveller. And since India is renowned for a degree of chaos, I have plenty of concrete reasons to be anxious: getting a visa was chaotic and unbelievably bureaucratic; the Air India web check-in doesn’t seem to work; and apparently Delhi is on the verge of a riot-induced water crisis.

But on the other hand, I do now have a visa. I will travel early to the airport to allow time for any check-in chaos. And in all likelihood the water supply that is threatened is probably not the supply of bottled water I intend to be using.

So, I am travelling in the hope of meeting new friends, learning about metrology research in India  and seeing the world from further East than I have ever travelled before.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Now: I must finish that PowerPoint presentation…


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2 Responses to “Anxiety Update”

  1. sam Says:

    Michael I am based in Delhi and do please feel free to give me a call if you want to touch base with me during your visit. Maybe i can help to reduce the anxiety level as i have extensive experience living in India. I think the Jat riots are on the wane and water will be restored shortly. I will contact you by email with my phone number.
    Hidromax water rockets

  2. iamamro Says:

    Just saw this post … I have been disconnected from the internet for some time.

    Just wanted to say I compeletely undertsand what you’re going through. My anxiety problems caused me to have to give up work and I’m not in a great plase now.

    I think you’ll love India – I went quite a while ago (when you taught me at UCL) and I realy loved it. I was keen on taking photos and came back from a load of slides. Do enjoy yourself – and you’lll find your anxiety becoming easier and easier to control.

    The worst part is the aeroplane travel. You can get some anxiolytic from you GP but in the end it’ll go away (once you land!).

    Best of luck, sir. I believe in you.


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