Canadian Currency is the Coolest

Canadian dollars are printed on plastic. That means they are see-through ans washable!

Canadian dollars are printed on plastic. That means they are see-through and washable!

One of the most memorable features of my visit to Canada was the money: the notes are made of plastic!

At first, this seemed a bit weird. But I quickly got used to it. And then I came to like it.

Think about it.

If your notes get wet – it’s no problem!. Just towel it dry.

They are much harder to counterfeit. Printing on plastic is harder and the notes have loads of security features. They have all the foils, detailed printing and embossing that we are used to in UK bank notes. Plus one unique feature: a projection hologram.

If you shine a laser pointer through the centre of the maple leaf that features on all the bank notes, the projected image will show the value the currency!

Laser Diffraction montage

Shining a laser pointer through the maple leaf reveals the value of the bank note. In this case, 5$

Can you get cooler than that? Yes, you can. You can get the second coolest Canadian ever – Commander Chris Hadfield – he of the Space Oddity video – to announce the new $5 bank note (which features the Canadian ‘Arm’ on the space station) from space!


So who was the coolest Canadian ever? Well surely it was, is and always will be, Leonard Cohen?


One Response to “Canadian Currency is the Coolest”

  1. Nestor Patrikios Says:

    Leonard, lasers and Bowie (by proxy) in one post, I’m happy!

    I wish I’d photo’d some of the US$ notes from Zimbabwe by way of contrast. Having abandoned the new Zim$ (1*10^-9 of a US$ but also 1*10^9 of an old Zim$) they use a very limited stock of US$ bank notes, brought in I know not how. They are filthy and tattered but you can’t use card payments. And there is (literally) no change so you get chewing gum or store credit.

    Here in the West, I wonder when/if physical money will disappear completely – contactless payment is extraordinarily convenient and I rarely use cash now. But I suspect there will be a very long thin tail of cash transactions.

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