Peak Apple: The Apple Watch will fail.

Some Apple Watches

Some Apple Watches

Today marks the launch of the Apple Watch. And I  would just like to say this:

  • It will fail.


  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s pointless.
  • It is not as useful as an actual watch which actually displays the time all the time.

Am I prepared to be wrong? Of course I am: I’ve been specialising in that in recent weeks.

And I take no pleasure in saying it. But since I am thinking it, I just thought I would I say it out loud

  • I think this is start of the end for Apple.

You heard it here first.



One Response to “Peak Apple: The Apple Watch will fail.”

  1. iamamro Says:

    Sadly, I think it won’t. The joke will be on us – and the future will be vulgar gold watch-shaped.

    this will make them lots of money – I have no doubt. I don’t/can’t afford one.

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