The days of our lives

MIchael de Podesta is 20,000 days old today.

Michael de Podesta is 20,000 days old today.

Today, 30th September 2014 is a special day: I am 54 years, 9 months and 2 days old!

Special? Yes, because today I am 20,000 days old!

It is natural to mark the passage of time since our birth.

Traditionally we do this by counting the number of times the Earth has orbited the Sun (years) since the day we were born.

We then celebrate when this number reaches a multiple of 10, the number of fingers and thumbs on our hands.

Is it any less arbitrary to count the number of rotations of the Earth about its axis (days) since we were born?

And then celebrate when this number reaches a multiple of 10. Or 100. Or 1000, Or in my advanced case, 10,000.

I don’t expect to see my 30,000th day on Earth (15th February 2042), but I am looking forward to 15th May 2023.

If I am alive, then sometime during that day I will pass my 2 billionth second on Earth! Wow!

On reflection, I realise it is arbitrary to pick any particular unit for counting our age – we should just follow the local convention.

But make sure that we celebrate every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year. They all pass so quickly.

Happy Whatever 🙂


You can plan the dates for your own celebrations using this excellent web site.

One Response to “The days of our lives”

  1. teddnet Says:

    Actually, your expecting to be dead by 2042 reflects your slightly pessimistic view on life. Depending on what actuarial table you use, you probably should expect to be alive then, moaning about the state of global warming while sunbathing in your garden that is still blooming in September. At least you know that of all the people on earth, you’ll be the last to die in your lifetime.

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