My life in three minutes

MIchael de Podesta

Michael de Podesta

The other day Rhys Phillips sent me an e-mail asking if I would contribute a scientist profile for his show on Radio Cardiff.

He seemed desperate – after all he was asking me! – and so, flattered, I agreed.

All that was required was for me to talk unscripted into a phone for three minutes, describing my entire life and the essence of my job

I think Rhys has edited this a little – but I can’t spot what he has taken out. It is more or less verbatim, my life in three minutes, in one take.

It is curious the things which popped into my head, but most telling that my first thought is about my family.

Pythagoras’s Trousers

Rhys himself is a science communicator extraordinaire and the radio show he produces and hosts – Pythagoras’s Trousers – is pretty impressive – and a good listen if you are a science-y type.



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