Too Much of Nothing

A Christmas Gift Suggestion from New Scientist

A Christmas Gift Suggestion from New Scientist

As I surmised, the envelope containing nothing was indeed a publicity mailing for the book ‘Nothing’, available at tax-paying bookshops for just £5.59 including UK delivery.

As a contributing author I received a copy a few weeks ago and quickly read through to rate ‘my Chapter’ – about Absolute Zero – against the others. I was relieved to find that it didn’t obviously stand out as worse than the others.

And can I recommend it for a Christmas gift as New Scientist suggest? Well of course I can! It is an entertaining and stimulating read for almost anyone – particularly if they have a yen for science.

Is this too much of nothing? Can the topic sustain an entire book. I think it can, or as Bob Dylan so inscrutably put it:

Now, it’s all been done before
It’s all been written in the book
But when there’s too much of nothing

Nobody should look
(Lyrics from Bob

You might think that I am biased because of the amount of money that I will earn when people buy the book. Let me reassure you on this issue.

I was paid £1800 as a contributors fee which I thought was pretty generous. However I felt the money came my way because of my role at NPL, and so even though I wrote this in my own time, I passed the money on directly to NPL.

And as for royalties, well, the title of the book says it all :-).


One Response to “Too Much of Nothing”

  1. iamamro Says:

    Very decent of you to pass on your fee! Something that I’ve come to expect of you.

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