Is it hot?

An elephant being cooled down. Image courtesy of the Guardian

An elephant being cooled down. Image courtesy of the Guardian

The BBC tells us that it is hot:

Is that in any way unusual? The answer is ‘No’.Think about it.

Is it ‘News’  in any sense? The answer is ‘No’. Every n years, the temperature will inevitably be the hottest/coldest for years.

‘News’ organisations love statements of the form “it is the hottest/coldest/driest/wettest day/week/month/year/decade for X years/decades“. It makes it seem as though ‘Something is happening’ – something they are clear not to state but merely to imply. In this case the unstated implications are about ‘Climate Change’.

This is not to discount concerns about climate change which I personally think is the greatest existential threat to our country [Yes, I mean all those words]. But it is important to recognise that the issue of Global Climate Change is more tedious than a few uncomfortably hot summer days.

  • It involves  changes that are only detectable by satellite, or by abstracted analysis of ground station data.
  • It involves subtle changes to the timing of ‘spring’ and ‘autumn’ melts and freezes across the globe.
  • It involves melting of ice with almost no temperature change.

In discussions of climate change it is important to discount anecdotal ‘weather’ reports. The problems of Climate Change do not need to be ‘sexed up’ to merit our attention.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Terrific write-up! Would you mind if I follow you on Twitter?

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