Me and the Media

A television programme about precision measurement? Yes!

A television programme about precision measurement? Yes!

Astute readers may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a month! This is because I have been working crazily hard and I still am. However, three things prompt me to post this now, all in a way connected with media.

The first and by far the most important is that my paper (with colleagues) on the measurement of the Boltzmann constant has been accepted for publication in Metrologia, the journal that concerns itself with precision measurement. Take a look at the pleasingly obscure contents this month. This is the culmination of 6 years work, and is the most accurate thermal measurement in human history. I will write more in the coming weeks, and when all the wrinkles have been ironed out I will post a  copy here.

The second is to point out (as the picture above shows) that there is a television series being broadcast about precision measurement! NPL played host to the team who filmed it and I spent many hours talking with the team about temperature. Let’s hope that something beautiful makes it to the screen: Radio Times have ‘featured’ the programme so that bodes well. I have been told I may actually feature on screen for few moments in the third episode on June 24th!

And the third is to mention that – slightly to my surprise – I have written a ‘feature’ that will appear in New Scientist magazine that will appear on June 22nd. It is about the journey towards the absolute zero of temperature  and – well — errr. That’s it.

You can keep track of progress towards the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition by following this other blog!

2 Responses to “Me and the Media”

  1. D Samuel Says:

    Warmest congratulations on publication of your paper!

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