Getting ready for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Why did I buy six supporters horns today? That's right - I am getting ready for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Why did I buy six insanely-loud supporters horns today? That’s right – I am getting ready for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

You may have noticed that the frequency of my postings has gone down lately. Sorry: I have just been too busy.

I find this distressing because writing this blog is my way of clarifying what I feel and think about the torrent of ‘science news’ that flows through our collective consciousness. The lack of time to distill my thoughts adds to my sense of permanent and irretrievable ‘backlog’.

Work is overwhelming at the moment and on top of the normal tasks, I am organising an exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. In fact I am organising two exhibits.

Their common theme concerns the likely redefinition of the units of measurement for mass and temperature: the kilogram and the kelvin.

Getting the stands ‘right’ is challenging. My aim is to avoid prolonged ‘monologued’ explanations. Instead I am trying have demonstrations which can seed conversations – because taking part in a dialogue feels so much better than being either the source or the target of a monologue.

The challenge is to have demonstrations that are meaningful to Fellows of the Royal Society, normal people, and school children. The demonstrations need to be simple enough to understand, but in some way surprising or delightful.

At the moment I am feeling enthusiastic about all parts of the stand, and this weekend I went shopping for bits for the demonstrations. I bought four types of sand, a candle lantern, a steam generator, and six insanely-loud supporters horns: it will all makes sense in the end!

You can follow the build up to the exhibition by following:

And of course, do feel free to come along to the exhibition itself (1st July until the 7th July 2013). If you do come, please look me up and say “hello”.

Even though it is held at the Royal Society – possibly the poshest place in London – normal people are welcome. So if you are even in the slightest bit interested in science, you will find a building full of scientists who would love to talk with you about their work.

All in all – its a pretty amazing event.


3 Responses to “Getting ready for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition”

  1. Edmond Hui Says:

    I’ve never actually been to the RS- my spiritual home if ever there was one, so I’ll try to be there!

    • protonsforbreakfast Says:

      You should definitely go. I find the ‘class’ associations difficult, but hey ho – I just take a deep breath and try to keep calm.

      I don’t know if it is all booked up but there are ‘school days’ specifically for teachers to bring entire classes – there is more information on the web site.

      Hope to see you there


      On 12/05/2013 7:17 am, “Protons for Breakfast Blog”

  2. H Stiles (@HStiles1) Says:

    Not qiute a klaxon that you have there but did you know it was invented by Miller Reese Hutchison (1876-1944) who produced the first wearable hearing aid?! The UCL ear Institute did a display/participation there a couple of years ago & I went. The RS is very good about public ‘outreach’ as it is called these days – I would encourage people to take children.

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