Copy this!

The Jelly Baby Wave Machine at Protons for Breakfast together with some of its constructors!

A GIANT Jelly Baby Wave Machine at Protons for Breakfast together with some of its constructors!

At school we are told ‘not to copy’. But in real life, learning to copy from people who do things well is an essential skill. But it is important to give credit to the people from whom you copy!

For example, five or six years ago I took one look at the Jelly Baby Wave Machine  and fell in love. If you are prepared to register you can see a slightly longer demonstration here. At Protons for Breakfast we make a bigger version – about 12 metres long – and everyone loves it!

And then a few years ago I saw a beautifully simple demo of a motor – which I thought had been invented by Alom Shaha – and I immediately made a short film.

But in fact both these demonstrations were invented by Science Communication maestro, Jonathan Sanderson (This hub has links to all Jonathan’s web personas). 

Jonathan’s talents extend from classy cinematography and photography, to insightful story-telling, both of which are informed by a delight in science and human ingenuity.

Anyway, the other day I received a tweet – or a ping back – or a something – that indicated that Jonathan felt slightly peeved that his invention of these demonstrations had not been properly credited. Ooops.

Jonathan: If I have failed to give you full credit for your inventions – I apologise. And I hope this sets things out clearly. And Oh Yes, Thanks:-)


One Response to “Copy this!”

  1. Jonathan Sanderson Says:

    Er… thanks. Odd. I’m not peeved at all – being invisible is part of the deal with being a TV producer, and besides, I was only part of the team that came up with the jelly baby wave machine. I don’t think I had anything to do with that electric motor, though I wish I had. I’m delighted if both are seeing more widespread use, via whatever route.

    No idea what the tweet/pingback/whatever was. Alom’s written something about all this recently, but it’s not published yet (partly because I need to water down claims he makes about me). How strange.

    Love the massive wave machine. 🙂

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