Harppy Crhistmas

Harppy Crhistmas 2012

Harppy Crhistmas 2012

I am a bit behind with Christmas cards this year. I have printed the first few – but in case you haven’t recieved yours yet, please enjoy the design above.

I would improve it now. At the time I couldn’t think how to get the ‘d‘ in ‘wonderful’ and used Dy, Dysprosium, but now I realise I could have used Nd, Neodymium followed by Er, Erbium (Picture at the end). But I haven’t found a better way to do the e in ‘Year’ other than using an electron 😦

In case you feel like spelling out the the names of things with elemental symbols, I present an alphabetical list of elemental symbols which include a particular letter as either the first or second letter.

H Ar P P Y  C Rh I S Tm As


Ac Ag Am Ar At Au Ba Ca Ga La Na Pa Ra Ta

B Ba Be Bi Bk Br Nb Pb Rb Sb Tb Yb

C Ca Cd Ce Cf Cm Co Cr Cs Cu Ac Sc Tc

Dy Cd Gd Md Nd Pd

Er Es Eu Be Ce Fe Ge He Ne Re Se Te Xe

F Fe Fm Fr Cf Hf

Ga Gd Ge Ag Hg Mg

H He Hf Hg Ho Rh Th

I In Ir Bi Li Ni Ti

K Kr Bk

La Li Lr Lu Tl

Md Mg Mn Mo Am Cm Fm Pm Sm Tm

N Na Nb Nd Ne Ni No Np In Mn Rn Sn Zn

O Os Co Ho Mo No Po

P Pa Pb Pd Pm Po Pr Pt Pu Np

Ra Rb Re Rh Rn Ru Ar Br Cr Er Fr Ir Kr Lr Pr Zr

S Sb Sc Se Sm Sn Cs Es Os

Ta Tb Tc Te Th Ti Tl Tm At Pt

U Au Cu Eu Lu Pu Ru



Y Yb Dy

Zn Zr

Harppy Crhistmas 2012

Harppy Christmas 2012

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2 Responses to “Harppy Crhistmas”

  1. Dominic Says:

    Very clever!

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