The Quest for Middle Ground

Finally - the lost MIddle Ground has been found

Finally – the lost Middle Ground has been found.

Friends, so many opinions have become polarised in recent times. So imagine my surprise as I drove through a motorway junction near Oxford to discover a signpost to the lost, and truly mythical, kingdom of ‘Middle Ground’.

A place where opinions do not become polarised. A place where we may seek understanding without seeking to defeat others or fearing our own humiliation. Middle Ground – the place where people of opposing opinions may meet and discuss things in an atmosphere of shared seeking.

Hidden amongst us – it may yet be foundjust off the A418 near Oxford.

Aerial view of the lost kingdom of Middle Ground

One Response to “The Quest for Middle Ground”

  1. your_stateside_correspondent Says:

    If I may just say, if middleground is a semi-detached suburban sprawl situated between two major roads with an open cast mine behind it perhaps it is in Virginia and not Oxfordshire at all and there is hope that those in DC might not drive off the fiscal cliff

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