Signal Generator

Signal Generator

Who wouldn't want to turn their iPhone into a Signal Generator for 69p?

Signal Generator is an app I have actually used more than once!

  • In the lab we were testing an acoustic thermometer (as you do) and we wanted to test the effect of white noise. I realised that Signal Generator was on my iPhone and in a trice our problem was solved.
  • In the last couple of talks I have given about acoustic thermometry, I have been able to allow people to experience 7.5 kHz  – thanks to this little app

So if your line of business involves acoustic thermometry, or acoustics, or music, or you just want to know low the upper limit of your hearing has fallen, this is a great little app. It does use up a lot of power, but that is about the only bad thing I can think to say it about it.,

  • Frequencies can be entered on a key pad or on a dial
  • Frequency range is from 1 Hz to 20 kHz with 1 Hz resolution
  • Musical tones can be selected
  • Sine wave, square wave or triangular waves are possible, as are ‘white’ and ‘pink’ noise.
  • One channel or two can be selected

So if you want an audio signal generator in your pocket: this is the app for you.

Have a nice weekend.

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