Is it 2012 already?

Blog Statistics up to last December: The chart shows page views per month reaching more than 4000 in November 2011 - more than 100 people a day - including some people whom I don't know personally! Whoever you are,'Thank you' for reading.

Here is a wish for anyone kind enough to pause as they wade through the cyberstream, and spend a moment reading this blog.

Happy New Year 🙂

I do hope it will be a good year for all the people who read this blog. But personally, I am just not ready a new year – I am still recovering from the old one! Over the break I completed my 52nd year on Earth – thats 522 (= 2704) weeks – and I have begun to feel ‘old’. That is ‘old’ in the sense of being ‘well past my best’. However, my intention is to keep writing here despite my age. Why? Because hearing about the things which are happening in the world drives me crazy, and by writing about it – and thus clarifying for myself what I think and feel – I am able to keep myself sane.

So dear friends, readers – witnesses all – let’s hope I manage to stay sane, and that 2012 turns out OK. Sometimes, that can happen.

All the best



3 Responses to “Is it 2012 already?”

  1. Ian Anderson Says:

    Happy New year to You, Stephanie and the boys, and i will keep suppying the cold stuff

  2. Darren Mark Says:

    Yikes – nice statistics. All the best for 2012! Keep up the informative blogging.

  3. Bernard Naylor Says:

    Michael: remember Miss Jean Brodie and keep reminding yourself ‘I’m in my prime’!

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