Rubbish: I play my part.

Old televisions: from expensive to worthless in less than a decade.

Old televisions: from expensive to worthless in less than a decade.

We bought a new television last weekend, and I tried unsuccessfully to find anyone who would take our old television. It was 8 years old – perfectly adequate in most respects – but quite literally, we could not give it away.  So this weekend I took our television to the dump and said goodbye to it. And it was shocking to see the container full of similar televisions. And lo! Was that iMac in there?

I was driven to replace the television by one missing feature – it was impossible to see the outer 10% of the screen in almost everything we were watching! This came to a head as we watched Frozen Planet. I was in awe of the images, but frustrated at the technology. But in purchasing this new television, I have transformed our television from the category of ‘useful device’ to the category of ‘useless waste’ – something  which requires energy and resources to dispose of safely.

Apparently the way out of our current economic crisis to do this more – to consume more and replace my old goods with new ones. But this will create even more ‘waste’ and see the epic scale of our wate creation activities makes me sceptical.

It is a real pleasure to watch Frozen Planet in high definition, from the left edge of the frame all the way to the right edge of the frame. And to see the rugged landscape of David Attenborough’s face in all its beautiful detail. But I wish there were a way to do it without despoiling the very thing I wish to preserve.

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2 Responses to “Rubbish: I play my part.”

  1. James Says:

    old CRTs are really awkward to recycle because of the amount of lead in them – too much to use as window glass for example.
    There’s also plenty of barium, phosphorus etc.
    There’s a prize on Innocentive at the moment if you can come up with a useful thing to recycle them into, which has a link to a pdf paper that’s worth reading.

  2. em elephant :P Says:

    OMG!!! look at all those tvs!!! 😛 but look theres a flat screen aswell! i bet all those tv screens are smashed!! haha 😛

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