My Weight 1995 to 2011: The mass of Sisyphus

My weight from 1995 to 2010

My weight from 1995 to 2010

My weight having tipped 86 kg, (BMI 28) and my belly having inched past the limits of 34″ waist trousers, I have begun a diet. Again. The first couple of weeks have been fine with my weight falling by roughly 1 kilogram a week (my target is 0.1 kilograms per day).

Plotting my weight on a spreadsheet I see that this is my fourth diet in 16 years and with each diet I seem to go over the same weight range. And at the end of each diet I am eating happily, I feel much better, my BMI is back to 25, and  I can’t think of any reason why that should change. But it does.

Somehow – all that weight creeps back on. Between 2006 and 2009 (≈1000 days) I put on roughly 10 kilograms – or about 10 grams per day – equivalent to an calorific imbalance of around 85 ± 15 calories per day. This is a single biscuit a day – or the difference between a slice of buttered bread or non-buttered bread.

Is this my fate? Am I condemned to an antiSisyphean cycle: endlessly pushing my weight down the hill only to have it roll back up? Oh! the Gods are cruel!


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4 Responses to “My Weight 1995 to 2011: The mass of Sisyphus”

  1. teddnet Says:

    I’ve only just read this. So very funny and precisely my problem also.

  2. arc57 Says:

    Michael, you’ll have to cut back on those protons!

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