Nest thermostat

The Nest thermostat, from the man who brought you the iPod.

I have wittered on before about how consciousness of the amount of energy we use can help us to manage our energy use more efficiently. And so I was intrigued to hear that the man who invented the iPod (No, not Steve Jobs) has a new project to re-invent the humble room thermostat. The Nest is a stylish object and brings those famous Apple design values to the fore. It foreswears the complex programming capabilities of previous conceptions, and boldly claims to learn what you want.

I have no idea if this kind of thing will make a difference, or even if it will work! But then I am appalling at visualising the future. I remember thinking ‘so what?’ when the iPod was launched. But despite my scepticism, the iPod did change a multi-billion dollar industry. Looking at the Nest I again feel sceptical, but I must admit it is at least  conceivable that perhaps the NEST could change another – empowering the people on Earth who use the most, to use less.

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One Response to “iThermostat”

  1. sahmeepee Says:

    I had seen this video recently, but was disappointed that it didn’t seem to have any sensors to detec when the occupants were normally in the space ( I was thinking a set of PIR detectors). Instead it seemed to learn from when you turned the thermostat up and down, which seemed like a fairly poor source of information.

    Maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye. In typical Cupertino style you are supposed to believe that there’s some special voodoo going on inside the glossy packaging.

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