My New iPhone

Me and my iPhone.

Me and my iPhone.

Re-assured by the news of a Danish study reporting no evidence for increased rates of brain tumours in mobile phone users, even over 17 years of use (full paper here), I finally bought an iPhone. The SAR rating of 1.17 watts per kilogram is not the lowest, but it seemed acceptable to me, and so I took the plunge.

I am still coming to terms with the way I have had to to re-organise my life in order to cope with the phone’s ways of doing things, but I have survived the weekend. I had thought the phone would fit in with my life, but having talked with other smart phone ‘victims’, I now realise that this was a naive hope.

Sadly, a building near my school which housed several phone masts has been dismantled and so mobile phone reception at home is rubbish. Oh how I wish they would build more phone masts.;-)

Incidentally, my first ‘app’ was ‘UK Energy‘ which plugs into the ELEXON database to extract real time data on the source of electricity generation. Having previously lost hours of my life on the Elexon site, I am really grateful to Tom Weightman for writing this app.

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