I love Protons for Breakfast

Students finally see the light.

Yesterday, I made a presentation to trainee teachers from St Mary’s University College in Twickenham: 180 primary teachers and 50 science specialists heading into secondary schools. I found both presentations difficult but they seemed to go OK. And they awoke me to the fact that in only 4 weeks, we will have begun the fifteenth presentation of Protons for Breakfast – which means we are entering our 8th yearAmazingly we already have around 120 people signed up so we will have to close the doors soon, so if any of your friends want to attend they should register soon.  And somewhere in that group will be the one thousandth person to attend the course. Wow!

Knackered as I was at the end of yesterday’s sessions, I have to admit to enjoying them both. And I have to admit that after a summer of trying to not think about it, I am looking forward to doing Protons all over again. I still ache to make the sessions ‘just right’ and I have a few new topics and experiments that I hope will work nicely. I have just finished re-formatting the PowerPoint Slides ready for Week’s 1 to 3 and I am feeling ‘ready’.

I love working with my colleagues who help at the course: they are such wonderful people. And I love meeting the people who attend the course: I am regularly accosted by people who look familiar but whose name I can’t recall – and then they explain that they came along to Protons. The most notable occasion was cycling in Hampton when a couple at a zebra crossing stopped to say hello to the frustration of the drivers behind me. And when I reflect on how the course has affected the people who help and the people who attend the course, I realise that I just love Protons for Breakfast.

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