Who needs holidays?

Who needs holidays?

As I write this, I am exhausted in every dimension in which exhaustion is possible. Physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. And I am off on holiday for  a few days. I have to admit that one part of me still thinks that holidays are for wimps. And one part of me is secretly thinking that a holiday is the just the time I need to get some work done. PhD Comics sums it up perfectly.

PhD Comics deals with holidays

PhD Comics deals with holidays: click for site link.

But in truth I know that I desperately need a break. I have actually been getting more and more run down in recent weeks, and consequently less and less able to blog. And so the list of topics about which I am bursting to blog has got longer and longer. When I get back I hope to have time to comment on

  • The completion of the Boltzmann project – the most accurate temperature measurement in the world. Ever!
  • NASA
  • The ‘Slow Science’ movement
and a whole shedload of climate and temperature related topics.
Anyway, for now, I hope you all have a lovely summer. And please don’t worry about whether it is abnormally hot. Or cold. Or dry. And I will try not worry about it either.


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