Invisibility and the Internet

Disappearing PfB log

Help! PfB is becoming invisible!

Invisibility is, in general, a pretty good trick. But despite the many claims, it is still physically impossible. Except on the internet.

Last week, the company responsible for maintaining the registration of the web domain and .net and .org decided to sell themselves to a company called, who proceeded to trash all my carefully engineered settings. Subsequently all things protonsforbreakfast disappeared off the internet – invisibility in an instant! Frustrated and a little angry, I transferred my registrations to a company called Go Daddy and now, after a week of puzzling e-mails, many long phone calls to US ‘help’ lines, around £70, and a good of scratching my head, I have finally regained control of these domains. Whew!

On a philosophical note, the whole episode makes me reflect on the volatility of what seems real. But on a practical note, and just in case you noticed that I had disappeared, I just wanted to say that I  am now officially back!

P.S. For anyone who used the url or I hope to have these working again soon.

UPDATE: All url’s (including and are now working.

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