Carbon Taxes: There is hope!

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard you're my hero. Picture from The Telegraph

Two surprising things that restore my hope that the nations of the world may yet face up to our energy and climate crisis rationally.

Here are the two things,
I will tell them to you.
Two things and I call them,
Thing One and Thing Two.

Thing one: Australia, one of the countries with the highest per capita emissions of carbon dioxide on Earth has announced a carbon tax. Now I know this is an imperfect implementation, and that there are lots of exemptions, but this is Australia and this is a massive step forward! This is exactly the kind of taxation which makes economic sense – compensating somewhat for the fact that we are not really paying the full cost of our carbon emitting activities. Julia Gillard has always appeared to me to be a slightly graceless politician, but Julia Gillard: I salute you. Well done – and I hope you can stick to it!

Thing two: The Register – home of the ultra-libertarian ‘Global warming? Better turn up the air conditioning just in case Shiela‘ fringe thinks Julia’s idea makes sense.

Either of these things would be worthy of note, but the two together make me think that perhaps change is possible through the tired and weary of channels of a pluralistic democracy supported by a free press. Sometimes things do not, after all, go from bad to worse.

With apologies to Dr. Seuss.

2 Responses to “Carbon Taxes: There is hope!”

  1. Emma Woolliams Says:

    Great news!

  2. Julia Gillard: We need you here! « Protons for Breakfast Blog Says:

    […] couple of weeks ago I wrote an article in praise of Julia Gillard‘s early steps towards carbon taxation in Australia.  And I […]

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