Cancer Research Graph

The upper graph shows the effect of short-term use (less than 5 years), and the bottom one deals with long-term use (more than 5 years). Each dot shows the result from a single study. If it’s on the horizontal line, there is no effect. If it’s above or below the line, this suggests that phones might increase or reduce the risk of cancer respectively. Click for a larger graph.

A colleague at work flagged up a blog article on the Cancer Research UK web site and I just thought I would share the link with you.

The article is excellently written and I commend it to you. The article includes the graph above which shows the various studies attempting to detect the putative carcinogenic effect of mobile phones. The graph is discussed in a little more detail in the linked article.

If the points lie above the line and the uncertainty indicators – the bars above and below each point – also lie above the line then the researchers are claiming a statistically significant effect has been detected. You can see that the majority of studies fail to detect an effect but that one or two do. Pooling all the results to reduce the uncertainty they also fail to show an effect.

I have no comment but instead I leave you to make up your own mind on this issue.

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