The Rudiments of Wisdom

Rudiments of Wisdom Book Cover

The Cover of Tim Hunkin's Book, the Rudiments of Wisdom

What is Wisdom? Well I don’t know, but I suspect that it begins with learning, and for many many years I have been an admirer of Tim Hunkin’s ability to take a complex topic and present it straightforwardly to anyone who could read a few paragraphs and enjoy a silly cartoon. Tim Hunkin doesn’t offer wisdom, but he does suggest that the rudiments of any subject, however apparently abstract, can me made accessible. In a way he was the forerunner of many ‘<Complex Topic> made simple’ guides with his simple text and delightful pictures

I was reminded of him the other day when I came across some videos he made for Channel 4 in the 1980’s on the Secret Lives of Machines. The videos delighted me because they took their time – they spent 30 minutes explaining how a vacuum cleaner >actually< works – something unthinkable for a modern day video editor. Nowadays these programs would be just 7 minute slots in a magazine programme.

Anyway, for the record:


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3 Responses to “The Rudiments of Wisdom”

  1. Nestor Says:

    Nice – the popcorn machine reminds me of Sheldon Brown’s guide to cleaning a bicycle chain. Properly.

  2. Peter Says:

    We need to start a fanclub for tim’s mate Rex! truely inspirational and in parts dangerous!

  3. The Rudiments of Wisdom: An A-Z of Random, Peculiar and Fascinating Facts | Science Book a Day Says:

    […] Protons for Breakfast Blog Book Review […]

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