Q's Ice Cream Corner

Q's Ice Cream Corner at Teddington School's James Bond event.

Most of the weekend has been taken up preparing for, and then clearing up from, serving instant Ice Cream at Teddington School’s James Bond PTA event. One way or another the whole family lent their support: Maxwell helping move the equipment; Stephanie serving ice creams; and Christian playing in the Jazz Band. In between moving boxes hither and thither, I was carrying out experiments – some of the tail-end experiments for the Boltzmann project. And overall the whole weekend has left me feeling simulataneously knackered, but still unable to sleep – a combination of feelings ideally suited to blogging 🙂

Anyway, I tweaked a few recipes compared with the standard recipes, so I just thought I would record the changes here. We served four recipes, preparing them well in advance and then chilling them nearer to serving time.

Base Mixture

  • Custard ……. 1 litre
  • Single Cream…… 0.6 litre
  • Icing Sugar ……. 0.25 kg

Simple Recipes

  • Ginger Galore: Base Mixture + 2 jars of Tesco Ginger Preserve
  • GoldenIce: One tin (454 g) of Golden Syrup and 3 smashed up Crunchie Bars

Variant Recipes

  • Choctopussy:  Reduces the vanilla flavour of the custard in comparison with standard base mixture, and increases the creaminess
    • Custard ……. 0.5 litre
    • Single Cream…… 0.6 litre
    • Double Cream…… 0.6 litre
    • Icing Sugar ……. 0.25 kg


  • Kir Royale: Tesco High Juice Black Currant drink, diluted 1:1 with water

Other Recipes not served

  • Rum and Raisin: Base Mixture + 200 g raisins soaked in rum (Adults only)
  • Strawberry: Base Mixture + 500 g fresh strawberries sliced thinly
  • Orange Sorbet: 1 litre orange juice + 0.25 k g Icing sugar


  • Ideally use a large  ceramic mixing bowl.
  • Put dry powders in bowl first (Cocoa, sugar) and add liquids after. Stir gently with a spoon before electric mixing. This minimises dust.
  • Mix thoroughly with an electric hand mixer. This adds air bubbles which improves quality and makes the ice cream more attractive.
  • None of the quantities involved are critical but modest accuracy helps to plan the amount of ingredients required.
  • Segregate dairy from non-dairy utensils


  • Add liquid nitrogen in 150 ml polystyrene cups. This minimises (a) the possibility of damage from accidental spills and (b) the chances of really getting the ice cream mixing dangerously cold.
  • Add liquid nitrogen to the mix while using the food mixer. With about 10 cups this is sufficient to pretty effectively chill the quantities above. The outer parts are over-chilled and the material in the centre of the bowl is still quite liquid.
  • The mixture will freeze to the outside of the bowl: Don’t worry. Keep mixing. At the end, leave for 5 minutes and scrape off the frozen stuff at the edge with a spoon.
  • If the mixture needs extra chilling, add a cup of liquid nitrogen and the stir with a wooden spoon.


  • Ensure the mixture is not too cold
  • Use clamp stands to create versatile cornet holders – saves a lot of time.
  • Serve with a scoop into a cornet. For dairy intolerant people offer the sorbet. For gluten intolerant people offer sorbet without a cornet (spoon and plastic container)
  • Segregate dairy from non-dairy utensils.
  • Wear hygienic gloves (cornet hand mainly)
  • If the mixture softens, add a little liquid nitrogen

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