Bob Dylan Quiz

Young Bobby Dylan

Young Bobby Dylan: Seventy years old on May 24th 2011

Just in case you are not already sick of people ‘hailing’ Dylan’s genius on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, here is a short quiz for people who are familiar with his oeuvre. If you don’t like Dylan, you should move on to the next post which will be about World Measurement Day.


  1. As whom was Einstein disguised? And for what was he famous?
  2. Where does infinity go on trial?
  3. Why is there no use workin’ or jokin’?
  4. What don’t you need to know which way the wind blows?
  5. Who should be notified that a burning wheel might explode?
  6. Why should the customer be told that nothing was delivered?



  • Less than one: Never mind, but too much of nothing could make you feel ill at ease.
  • One or more: Well done!

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