An Image of our Sun

Our Sun

Our Sun, imaged from Teddington UK by Peter Woolliams. Click for full resolution image.

Peter Woolliams sent me the picture above a couple of weeks ago. Wow! Personally, it blows my mind that this is what our Sun looks like – all that rich texture and those tiny prominences – each one larger than our Earth:-( . What is so spectacular is that this image was not captured by a space telescope or  a special observatory, but by my friend in his garden in Teddington.Beautiful. Amazing. Humbling.

Thanks Peter.

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2 Responses to “An Image of our Sun”

  1. Peter Woolliams Says:

    Recently found this link to a professional network looking at internal solar oscillations, they take images all the time, watch one of the daily videos to see how dynamic the sun really can be.
    What you see all depends on luck!

    Thanks again

  2. Telescope for Christmas? | Protons for Breakfast Blog Says:

    […] help from an expert colleague, Maxwell and I managed to attach a web-cam and after many hours we got some nice pictures of the […]

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