NASA Celebrates Earth Day

NASA image of the Lena Delta

NASA image of the Lena Delta. Click for larger image.

Satellite imagery has transformed our conception of our planet, and I consider that a blessing. Because of the images we have seen, it is now undeniable that everyone on Earth shares something, even if it is only the atmosphere. Perhaps this single, barely-definable, change of consciousness will in the end prove to be NASA’s greatest achievement.

Anyway. To celebrate Earth day – which I have to confess passed me by – NASA have compiled 70 photographs in a slide show. You can download all the pictures in high resolution and many of them are breathtakingly beautiful. Take a look – it is worth a moment or two of anyone’s time. I chose the picture above because of the abstractness of the pattern, which could have been a micrograph, but in fact shows a river delta. Click to enlarge the picture and just gaze at our planet in wonder.

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