The effect of Alcohol. And Meat. And…



Hot on the heels of an article telling us that excess alcohol consumption is killing people, the BBC now report that insufficient alcohol consumption is also killing people. Specifically the article says:

… the overall risk of death was lower for those consuming small quantities of alcohol, 2.5g to 14.9g, compared with non-drinkers.

This corresponds roughly to a glass of wine a day. So the message is that people who live longest drink alcohol modestly.  Next the BBC tell me that eating too much red meat will also kill me prematurely, but are keen to stress that a little red meat is good for me.

Friends forgive me. But at my age (51) I have grown tired of reading this kind of nonsense portrayed as ‘news’. Doctors, who pronounce  this kind of stuff with earnest tones, do of course belong a profession well known for the avoidance of alcoholic excess. But the way it is reported makes me think the BBC is ignorant of the writings of Confucius who 2500 years ago developed the idea of ‘the middle way‘ and suggested that:

The guiding principle of the middle way is that one should never act in excess.

Well, I’ll drink to that.

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