Protons for Breakfast 14!

The fourteenth presentation of Protons for Breakfast approaches

The fourteenth presentation of Protons for Breakfast approaches

I have been thinking a lot lately about Protons for Breakfast. It’s on my mind because – well – its always on my mind! But also we are approaching the fourteenth presentation of its modern era, and we seem set to have record numbers – more than 110 people signed up as of last week. Many people have asked me if I get nervous about the course, or if I find it difficult to enthuse about topics about which I have spoken many times before. For the record, the answers to these questions are “Yes” and “No” respectively. And for the same reasons!

I do worry very much about each presentation because I feel so strongly that the simple insights that the course provides can really enhance people’s lives. And it pains to me think that something I do (or forget to do) might get in the way of communicating optimally. One of the nice ‘chores’ before each course involves collating all the comments and questions that people have written on their application forms – it really does help me to get my mind to where people are ‘coming from’. And its great fun to try answer questions along the lines of “What are space and time?” in a paragraph or two.

Work is very challenging at the moment, and in principle it would all be a bit easier without having to put on this ‘show’. But in fact putting on Protons for Breakfast is a real pleasure: meeting people, working with my NPL colleagues, and spreading the word about the value that can be added to people’s lives by the realisation that they eat Protons for Breakfast! .


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