Onkalo: Into Eternity: A warning

Some time ago I wrote admiringly of Finnish progress in dealing with their nuclear waste. And I mentioned that a film had been made about the project and that it had excellent reviews. Based on these reviews I bought the DVD. Having watched the film, I wouldn’t like you to make the same mistake.

The film is called ‘Into Eternity’, which is a good name, because the indulgently… … … slow… … … pace. … … of. … … the … … film makes one feel as if one is on one’s way to eternity. Indeed it makes the option of being buried in a deep landfill and never being disturbed for 10,000 years seem like an interesting option. The film has no narrative or position and very little in the way of relevant facts. It does have facts, but they are sprinkled in like mustard into a cup of tea: they make no sense! So we have someone explaining what happens when one receives a whole body dose of radiation. Which is relevant exactly how? And over and over again people repeat that no one has ever made any structure which could last 10,000 years. Well, that may be true, but no one had ever been to the Moon before 1969.  No one had ever built tunnels under the English Channel or through the Alps. And there are around a million and one things that our culture has achieved that have never been done before, including quite relevantly here, the construction of nuclear power stations. And there is absolutely no reason to doubt that we can do these things if we choose to address the challenges involved. It’s a serious business. But this film is not. It is indulgent, pretentious, and portentious nonsense. Avoid.

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