Reverse Astronomy…

Image of Earth taken by Voyager 1

Image of Earth taken by Voyager 1: Earth is a tiny dot in the middle right of the image. You will probably need to click to enlarge

The Voyager  space probes were launched in 1977 and visited many many planets sending back stunning images. CNET have a twelve photo article about Voyager 1 here which captures of the highlights of its mission. The spacecraft are now approaching the edge of the solar system and may soon enter true interstellar space, but it is their images of Earth – reverse astronomy if you like – which amaze me most. I feel a true sense of awe – amazement and fear – at the delicacy and isolation of Earth. In the image above you will need to click on the image to enlarge it sufficiently to see the Earth as a tiny bright dot.

Amazingly the picture above was sent back from 4 billion miles away with a 7 watt radio transmitter  – essentially the power of bright torch bulb – barely more powerful than a mobile phone. The technology is as inspiring as the vision of the people who planned and executed this mission. Wow!

4 Responses to “Reverse Astronomy…”

  1. Abbababe Says:

    Won’t it be wonderful when the probes go out of the galazy and into the vacuum of space. I hope I’ll be around for those pics, at least future generations will have that pleasure.

    Imagine as the universe expands that what we see now, the evidence of the big bang won’t be visible to future generations. If our evidence today doesn’t survive people of the future may again think the world is flat and constellations are gods.

    We so need these leaps and bounds and education to reach everyone now and for the future development of our race. We need science explained in simple terms to dissipate fear of it.

  2. protonsforbreakfast Says:

    I love your positivity! God (??) bless you. M

  3. Peter Says:

    More, but not quite as amazing as the your one!


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