Hans Rosling: You’re my Hero

Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling

In general, I avoid hero worship. But for Hans Rosling I make an exception. His talents as a communicator are impressive – see the links below – but he is my hero for a much simpler reason: his positivity. I have never heard a person speak so clearly and then felt that for all the depressing news we hear day upon day; and for the knowledge we now have of our own privilege, and of widespread human inhumanity. For all that – and accepting all that – not denying it – if one keeps one’s eye on the data, one can see a pattern evolving. And that pattern is a pattern of progress. For boldly asserting this is not just possible, but that it is happening right now, Hans Rosling, I name you as ‘My Hero’.

Hans Rosling

His TED talks are inspiring. If you have not seen these talks: I urge you to make the time. It will change your perspective

And finally the Gapminder foundation – named after the famous announcement on the London Underground – now funded by Google. Gapminder is the software used to produce Hans Rosling’s amazing graphics and it’s available free for you to play with.

I really don’t know anything about Hans Rosling. This is the name of a human being I do not know. I only see glimpses on television and the internet. But what I see fills me with admiration for his insights and his optimism.

May it happen to you.

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