Climate Change Discussion at Protons for Breakfast

Wind Farms in Texas

Wind Farms in Texas

I am just back from discussing ‘Climate Change’ at Protons for Breakfast. And after having eaten – I was ravenous! – I am reflecting on a very moving evening.

  • So many people – children and adults – concerned and interested and coming along to these sessions
  • So many helpers giving up their time.
  • My friend Lindsay standing outside in the freezing cold to make sure that people found their way to the right car park!
  • Andrew Russell giving up his time to be an expert when all NPL’s experts were abroad!

And as we came to the end, one of the attendees stood up and encouraged everyone not to give up hope – and she related her experience of how things were changing in Africa and that solar photovoltaics were making a real difference. I remembered the first few times we had run Protons for Breakfast and how depressed I had felt about our situation. Now, I don’t feel depressed about our situation – even though I still don’t know what will happen. But now I feel that as the reality of our situation becomes apparent, humanity has the capability to act together. And although there will be squabbles and political manoeuvring, we will do something. It won’t be ideal, but it will be – in some sense – enough.

Arriving home I watched the BBC News where there was a feature about giant  wind farms in Texas. The feature stressed how politically it was unacceptable to mention anything ‘green’ or global warming related, but the wind farms were there nonetheless – the largest wind farms in the world – colossal constructions harvesting a sustainable resource which should still be reaping rewards long after the ‘nodding donkeys‘ beneath them have nodded for the last time.

The World really is changing- in small ways and in large ways, and momentarily I feel happy. Being amongst fellow citizens and work colleagues like these –  I feel quite sure humanity will adapt to our new reality.

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