Skepticism about Climate Skepticism

Skeptical Penguins

Skeptical Penguins

I don’t generally just blog to recommend another web site because, well, because that’s a bit boring. But Skeptcial Science is an excellent site and worth making an exception for. And it even has its own iPhone app! Without being polemically ‘pro’ global warming, this site simply looks skeptically at the arguments used by people to pretend nothing is happening. It links to source papers and does not gloss over complications in explanations of real phenomena. Overall I found the site clear and refreshing in the extreme. Strongly recommended.

One Response to “Skepticism about Climate Skepticism”

  1. Melindwr Williams Says:

    Thankyou for pointing out this web-site. I agree that it’s good to see links to source papers to help the general reader to weigh up different interpretations of the same data.

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